We are pleased to present publications related to our three grantmaking program areas: Arts, California Democracy and Youth, as well as publications about philanthropy and the nonprofit sector. In the boxes to the right, you can find links to Irvine's annual reports and Grantee Perception Reports.

Year-Five Evaluation of the California Linked Learning District Initiative
Year-Four Evaluation of the California Linked Learning District Initiative
Year-Three Evaluation of the California Linked Learning District Initiative
Broadening the Benefits of Dual Enrollment
Career Opportunities: Career Technical Education and the College Completion Agenda
Finding Common Ground in Education Values
Profile of the California Partnership Academies
Different Approaches to Dual Enrollment: Understanding Program Features and Their Implications
A Model for Success: CART's Linked Learning Program Increases College Enrollment
Work-Based Learning in California: Opportunities and Models for Expansion
Making Progress Through California Multiple Pathways
Assessing California’s Multiple Pathways Field
The Strong Field Framework
Effects of the California High School Exit Exam on Student Persistence, Achievement, and Graduation
Dual Enrollment Opportunities in California
Investigating the Alignment of High School and Community College Assessments in California
What Matters, What Works: Advancing Achievement After School
Advancing Achievement
Supporting Success
After-School Toolkit
Gaining Ground
Midcourse Corrections to a Major Initiative

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