Linked Learning integrates rigorous academics with real-world experiences. This approach transforms education into a personally relevant, wholly engaging experience — and opens students to career and college opportunities they never imagined.

Lost Potential

850,000 California youth ages 16 to 24 are neither in school nor working. Info

New Achievement

Linked Learning is transforming education

Real-world experience + Rigorous academics = Greater Achievement Info

Igniting students' passions

Linked Learning creates meaningful experiences in areas that interest students, called pathways.

Icons Info

A practical, proven approach

Linked Learning incorporates four elements that research shows as essential to student success.

Approach Info

Irvine Commitment

Anne Stanton
Anne Stanton, Irvine Youth Program Director

Irvine has already invested more than $100 million in Linked Learning as the best way to give all California youth the opportunity to reach their potential.

Linked Learning